Going to animation school? 5 animation tips that you can do over break to improve your skills!

What can I do over break to get ready for animation school?  This is a question that I get asked quite often, usually by perspective students, or friends of friends and family that don’t know exactly what to expect when starting an animation school, or wanting to improve over break. When I first got to CalArts, I remember how overwhelming it was to be surrounded by so many talented students. At first I felt out of place, with so many of the students from the LA area that had grown up near the animation industry. There were so many talented students, and some students even had formal life drawing training at their high school. At most, I had gone there with a general idea of how animation was made. The best info I had gotten was from picking up the original copy of book The ILLUSION OF LIFE , and read it from cover to cover. Maybe you are a high school student, or a college student attending an animation school and about to go on break.. How can you use your time wisely to be better prepared for what you will face as an animation student?  At this point you probably are not sure what to expect, and perhaps not sure what aspect of “animation” you are interested in the most.  Don’t worry; you have some time for that. Not everyone becomes an “animator”.  I will outline in a later post some of the different disciplines within the animation … Continue reading